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“Being two thousand miles away, it was a scary thing to think about selling my mother’s home in California. I knew
I got the right guy when I heard Mike was at the house in the middle of a rain storm, at night, in the mud keeping the
water out of the house! The tenant left the house in a horrible condition, but Mike got it cleaned up, painted and sold
for a fair price. Mike is NOT your typical Realtor.” Bill Maiser
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How We Will Help YOU:
We love to help our clients find the HOME they are looking for and/OR the best price for the
HOME they are selling.

We take the time to listen to what YOU want and then  apply our expertise to work with you to
accomplish YOUR goals. We will probably ask you some really powerful questions to find out
what’s important to you. As we find out what is important to you, we will put together a
strategic plan to help your dreams come true.

We consult with you to fully understand your goals and  spend as much time as we need to get
to know the home you are selling and/or the home you wish to buy. We will use our experience
and expertise to help you stage the home you are selling or to help you visualize the potential
of properties that you may consider buying. We will help you to understand the real market
values in the area to help us be realistic in your transaction.

As skilled negotiators, we will help you get your best deal. Sometimes that means we will act as a mediator working between buyer and seller to help them reach a mutually beneficial
We believe strongly in being fair, honest and reasonable, AND we will treat your money as our

We oversee the transaction details for each one of our clients. There are literally hundreds of
papers involved in a real estate transaction that will require you to sign about 40 or so times.
There are dozens of bumps that occur in every real estate transaction, some small and some

Our job is to help you navigate those bumps and get you through them, over them and around
them. We want to make this experience as pleasant and easy for you as we can so you will
want to refer friends and family to us just like the person who gave you our business card.

We are consultants, we are negotiators, and we will oversees all the transaction details. We
put together a system when we first sit down to find the most successful experience for you.
We search by asking you intelligent, thought provoking questions, and then we unleash a full
campaign dedicated to your goals. Then we contract, negotiate, and communicate with you
every step along the way, keeping you informed and updated. We then establish the date we
will celebrate when you will move out and into your new home.

Our business is built by referrals and the person who gave you this business card has referred
you to us and they believe that the level of service that we provide is worthy of telling the
people that they care about most. We want to do what we can to give you that same feeling and
confidence. We would love to meet with you soon.

!   Talk to us and let us show you the difference!
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