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Protecting Your
Real Estate
1.        MAINTENANCE - The first and best practice in protecting any real is reasonably safe. Look for
and correct dangerous conditions. Make sure tools and sharp objects and weapons are properly
stored and locked. Make sure that flammable liquids are stored properly. Have one or more fire
extinguishers available, particularly in the kitchen and garage. Make sure your smoke detectors are
functioning and have fresh batteries.

2.        INSURANCE - Do you have sufficient fire and casualty insurance? What is the current
replacement value of your home? Your furniture and furnishings? Have you taken photos of your
belongings and put them in a safe place (not in your home)? See “Am I Prepared?”  and download my
FREE home protection and family preparedness kit on:

3.        ENTITY CHOICE - If you have a business or investment real estate other than your home, do you
have it in your own name or have you protected yourself with a corporation or LLC? Call me for a
FREE consultation. Remember those “do-it-yourself” kits cannot interview you to see how to best
approach your protection and everyone I have seen still recommend that you have it reviewed by a
lawyer. Like me most attorney’s charge just as much to review it as they would to do it for you!

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