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“Mike is unique. He goes above and beyond expectations”  
-Bill M.
YES! The Difference is Personal Attention. At Palomar Pacific we give you personal
attention. Your transaction is important to you and it is important to us too. We will call
you back and we will not shuffle you off to someone who does not know you or your

YES! The Difference is Attitude. There are many kinds of real estate professionals
available to you. Who you choose to represent you will make a difference as to how close
you come to meeting your real estate goals. I will study your property and give you solid
advice to help you maximize your return. My goal is to help YOU get the most from your

YES! The Difference is the Approach. We know that each home, each property is unique
and each buyer or seller or owner is unique. I am also unique because I know that to
represent you, I need to know you, understand your goals and expectations and know
your property. I will work with you and help guide you through process necessary to get
the job done. I will take the time to know your property, or what you are looking for, and
bring my experience to bear to help you accomplish your goals.
Mike Perdue
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