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With over 25 years experience in real estate and business, Michael
Perdue has been an officer, board member and advisor to many
corporations. He has worked with entities ranging from publicly traded
corporations to small sole proprietor businesses. His management style
and business philosophy evokes loyalty and dedication from employees
and customers alike. Michael always looks for the win-win situation and
is a skilled negotiator.

Michael understands what it takes to get the best deal for buyers and
sellers, lessors and lessees. He takes the time to listen to his clients and
find ways to structure deals to meet their unique needs. The best deal is
where everyone wins.

With his back ground in real estate development and management,
Michael’s properties enjoy high occupancy even in bad economic times
when other neighboring properties are suffering from excessive
vacancy. Michael understands that high tenant turn over is costly to
building owners, and works hard to maintain good tenant relations to
minimize move outs and maximize bottom line profits.

Michael Perdue received his bachelor's degree in Economics (with an
emphasis in business) from Brigham Young University and went on to
graduate from The University of San Diego School of Law.  Upon
graduation from law school, Mr. Perdue was admitted to practice law
before the California Superior and State Appeals Courts, the State
Supreme Court, the United States District Court, and the United States
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  
California Licensed Real Estate Broker
"In every instance,
MIke has gone above
and beyond my
expectations.  Going
the extra mile is just
the way he operates.  
My mother passed
away, and getting her
home ready to sell and
deal with her trust was
more that just a
daunting task for me,
considering I live
across the country.
Mike made the whole
process manageable
for me, walking me
through it and helping
me understand it.   I
can't say enough about
Mike.  He is smart,
thorough, hard
working, trustworthy,
dependable, patient,
and easy to work with.  I
would recommend him
"above and beyond"
anyone else.

Toni Kinder
Michael Perdue
Mike Perdue
Mike @ PalomarPacific.com